~  Locally sourced and grown  ~

We use only the best ingredients to keep your food “clean”, by clean we mean house-made, no preservatives…we look for no GMO foods, buy organic ingredients when possible and prefer to use local sources.

welcome to café evergreen

~  We are thrilled to have you here  ~

Enjoy dining with us in our restored Post Office and Nokomis Bank. Relax and let our smiling servers take care of you while our chefs prepare your tasty and healthy food.


~  From ingredients to taste  ~

We guarantee that the flavor you taste will explode with FRESHNESS…fresh because it is house-made fresh everyday! Not out of cans…if the ingredients don’t taste great, we do not use them.

we offer

~  Plenty of choice   ~

~  Breakfast  ~

Start your day off with our classic eggs Benedict, a healthy omelette with egg whites or a vegan treat…who knew healthy tastes so good.

~  Lunch & Dinner  ~

Lots of choices…something for vegans, vegetarians and meat lovers. Never boring,
always changing ~ always delicious.

~  Desserts & Coffee  ~

Lots of healthy choices that are mouth watering…all of our coffee is organic and locally roasted. Our desserts are homemade.

~ Smoothies + Juices  ~

House made…fresh ingredients awesome taste. Load up on fruits and vegetables with a nutritious blended juice or smoothie.









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“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.”

– La Rochefoucauld

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