Online Ordering is now live!

We are proud to announce that it is now possible to order your healthy and delicious food online!

We want to make it as simple as possible for you, our customers, to get what you want from our website.
We now have our lunch, dinner and beverage menu set up for online ordering at .
Ordering online gives you the ability to order with us, any time of day from anywhere. You can even schedule your pick-up time for later, so that you can for example stop by on your way home from work, grab your order and skip the cooking that night. Doesn’t that sound great?
Or browse our menu from home, review all the options, check for gluten free or vegetarian options for example, take your time, no need to rush your order. Online ordering moves at YOUR pace.

We know that sometimes our phones are busy, as we are taking reservations or food orders. We strive to better your “food-experience” with us all the time. So it was a no-brainer to add the online order option to our website. No more waiting on the phone, no more busy signal and need to try again in a few minutes. Order now, then pick up your order in either 20 minutes or in a coupe of hours. You schedule your pick up time, place your order, we do the rest until you come to pick it up.
*Keep in mind to allow us 20 minutes of preparation time after the time you ordered.

Online ordering is fast and easy! Give it a try today and you will not be disappointed.
We can’t wait to feed you!